A Scientific Study.

Joe Eskenazi, SF Weekly: Under 48.1 yards.

Sean Pronger, former NHL player: 43 yards.

Aimee Mullins, athlete/model/actor: 40 yards.

John Salley, former NBA player: 40 yards (approx).

Rodney Fort, University of Michigan: 35 yards (wind-aided).

Spencer Hall, EDSBS: 35 yards (converted from FG).

Jason Whitlock, caloric consumer: 15 yards.

Jemele Hill, ESPN: 10 yards.

Dave Zirin, The Nation: Straight shank.

George Attallah, NFLPA: Refused to disclose.

Joe Buck, Fox: Refused to disclose.

Barry Melrose, ESPN: Refused to disclose.

Sam Sifton, New York Times: Refused to disclose.

Brian Hamilton, Chicago Tribune: Refused to disclose.

Alan Sepinwall, Star-Ledger: Refused to disclose.

Rick Scarpulla, US Military Academy: Refused to disclose.

Melinda Henneberger, Washington Post: Refused to disclose.

Kreskin, Mentalist and Magician: Is not a magician.

Steve Kamb, Nerd Fitness: Big fat liar.

Drew Magary, Big Fat Chicken: Is big fat chicken.

Raysism, 2012 Commenter of the Year: TBD.